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Dear Mr. Napier:

Now that we have reached the
official closing of our Personal
Injury Case I would like to thank
you and your staff.  At the outset
when my husband and I were
still shaken up and emotionally
fragile, you displayed great
understanding and tact.  We
both felt we were dealing with
a warm caring human being.
You and your staff guided us
through the necessary forms
and procedures, efficiently and
expertly.  I particularly appre-
ciated being able to email Erin
or Ashley about my concerns
and get a response from them
by email or phone.  They were
unfailingly helpful and consid-
erate.  I am left with a strong
sense that yours is a happy-
positive office culture.

Last but not least, my husband
and I are very pleased with the
financial settlement you were
able to get for us.  Thank-you.

Yours truly,
Suzanne Schuurman

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Personal injury lawyer Matt Napier, Q.C., leads the largest personal injury legal team in Atlantic Canada servicing the Greater Halifax region, all of Nova Scotia, and now providing personal injury legal services to New Brunswick and PEI.  

 We are innovative advocates for the injured. Our reputation: outstanding results for personal injury claimants; unparalleled support for our clients left injured or affected by accidents.

Whether it is a car accident, fall, death of a family member, disability claim, or medical malpractice, when the unexpected strikes you need advice, support or maybe just a few clear answers from an experienced attorney. We are ready to assist. We want you to focus on getting better and leave the rest to us. Serving greater Halifax and all of Nova Scotia, our team of personal injury lawyers and support staff are here — helping while you heal.

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